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Color Predictions

Mother + Father = offspring          Or          Mother + Father = offspring 

XX + XY = XX                                                  XX + XY = XY


Mother determines the color of all the male kittens.



Dilution: The two main colors in cats are black and red. These are dominant colors. Black dilutes to blue, caramel, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, or fawn. Red dilutes to cream. Two cats of diluted colors will never have a dominant color kitten.



Tortie: Two colors of black and red (or their dilutes); these colors run on X chromosome, so only females can be tortie. Large patches of these with white are tri-color or calico. Three colored cats are also all females. If a male is born tortie or calico he is almost always sterile. Also interesting: if a red or cream stud is mated with a queen of another color other than red or cream, all the kittens will be tortie.



A “locket” is a small white spot on the chest.

“Buttons” are white spots on the belly.

“Bi-color” means half white.

A “Harlequin” is white with several large color patches.

A “Van” is almost all white with colored markings on the head and tail only.

EMS Codes

(Easy Mind System)

Color Patterns:

Point X Point = point

Point X Mink = 50% point and 50% mink

Mink X Mink = 25% sepia, 50% mink, 25% point

Mink X Sepia = 50% mink and 50% sepia

Sepia X Point = mink

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