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Our Veterinary Clinic: Tier 1


Raw Feeding:


Dr. Karen Becker


Dr. Lisa A. Pierson DVM


Cat CRAP (completely raw and proud) Facebook Group


The Sphynx Cat Club


Raw Cat Food Information from Sphynxlair




WildTrax Feline Supplement Vitamin Mix


Easy raw feeding without grinding bones: Feline Instincts - my natural cat raw premix



Sphynx Info:


Hairless Hearts








The Sphynx Database: Pedigrees


Search for board-certified cardiologist by location (ACVIM)


DNA testing by UCDavies 


Basepaws DNA testing referral link


Traveling with cats in the cabin of the plane - Alaska Airlines


Pet ownership guide and cost calculator




Chewy or Amazon of course


Revival Animal


Pet Urns, should you ever need one, Katie is wonderful


CBD oil info for pets



Products we love:

Litter Robot


Litter Boxes - stainless steel - never absorb odors, germs, stains, or rust!


Sweaters - Sphynx Swag - absolute best customer service ever!


Unconventional Cat Furniture - evoke feline instinct!


Cocoon Beds


Camera - if you are like us and like to keep an eye out on your kitties while away, sometimes just for laughs


Carriers, Kennels, and Show set ups - Sturdi


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