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Our Story

                                      Hi, my name is Misty, I’ve been around the sun 22 times. I was born in NC,                                             raised in CO, and now call Alaska home. I reside on a farm with my mom                                           and two siblings. My passion is focused most on photography, which I use                                         to photograph all of our kitties. I’m also in charge of all our social media                                             platforms. My mom is a nurse with a great love for animals of all walks of                                           life, cats most especially. She’s always had cats and wanted us to grow up                                         with them too. My brother wants to be a pilot but he is a cat dude all the                                             way. He is the resident cuddler and resident IT guy. My sister is the resident                                         horse handler and Goat-tamer, who also wishes to pursue art.


On the farm, we have 4 horses, many chickens, 4 goats, 2 dogs, and most especially, an ever-fluctuating number of cats. We were first introduced to the Sphynx breed many years ago when mom came across a breeder in Colorado a short distance from our home, after a torturous three-month wait, we brought our first Sphynx home. She was named “Princess Rose Zoya” (the “Princess” and “Rose” courtesy of my little sister), and she was amazing! She was like no other cat I had ever met before. 


We welcomed a couple of other kitties into our family after her, like a Cornish Rex, and a Savannah, but the Sphynx had thoroughly stolen our hearts.


We are a small home-based cattery based in Alaska. We became involved with breeding sphynx after our first beloved sphynx, Zoya, passed away at the early age of 3 from F.A.T.E. likely caused by HCM. We had no warning signs that she may have been ill at all. It was tragic, to say the least. My mom reached out to her breeder, who didn't so much as say, "sorry for your loss", nothing at all. We felt she should know what happened. None of us had heard of HCM or FATE or anything, we didn't even keep the contract. We just thought it was a tragedy and the breeder would've been concerned at the least and able to shed some light. She had always responded to us before, even asked to use some pics on her website. I vow to never be so heartless. We wanted to get involved in breeding healthy sphynx for quality. I wish our experience would never happen to anyone. Our cattery is named in her honor; Zoya means life. We want to give life to others with these wonderful beings and we want to do what we can to improve the health of the breed. We are active in CFA and TICA.


We are dedicated to the breed and are in no way financially dependent upon our breeding program. Our focus is to produce happy, healthy, beautiful, and well-socialized cats of quality that will easily fit into most environments and make great family members, not pets. Our cats have free rein in our home and are well adjusted as they also live with a Maltzu, a Great Dane/Lab, a Savannah, their sphynx friends, and the occasional furry houseguest. We also have chickens and goats who will often come to the glass door to say hi to the kitties. They are accustomed to a busy home. 


We have all of our cats scanned yearly for HCM by a board-certified cardiologist. Our kittens come with a genetic health guarantee and are altered before their placement into their new homes. We do not sell intact cats for breeding at this time. Thank you for your interest in us and our kitties.


My Sprite-y girl
Our paradise, our Alaskan homestead
horse selfies
Sphynx and birds basically the same
Venture the baby of herd
Portage Glacier, AK
on the farm
3 little kitties
Banff, Canada
Stella and Meeko
kayaking Destin, FL bayside
my girlies
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