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and why it's important

Outcrossing is a breeding plan carefully designed that introduces new gene pools increasing the overall health of the bloodline. By hybrid breeding, not as many top show quality cats will be produced as breeding Sphynx to Sphynx, but many breeders feel for the betterment of the breed it is essential. The hybrids can be sold at a much lower rate making it more feasible for adopting families to take 2, why not, Sphynx do better in pairs. It's important they have a companion because Sphynx are VERY social. Hairless or coated they will all have special Sphynx qualities with the same health guarantee. Besides after a few generations, the line will have top quality show cats again with the ultimate goal of better genes.


The accepted outcross for the CFA is the domestic shorthair (DSH). The accepted outcrosses for TICA are the American Shorthair (ASH) and the Devon Rex.

General table of progression of Sphynx outcross program:

Monroe F3

F stands for filial which denotes the generation or generations after the parental generation.

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