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Raw Recipe

I make a batch ahead and freeze in mason jars to portion easily. Cats eat 2 times per day and kittens eat 3-4 times per day; serving 2-5 oz per meal; generally speaking feed them as much as they will eat in a 20 minute time.


The ratio should follow 80% muscle (includes heart) : 10% bone : 5 % liver : 5% offal



Basic Recipe:









WildTrax Feline Supplement provides

essential vitamins and minerals such as

Vit E, B complex, taurine, lysine for

optimal nutrition and health; just

sprinkle on food at each meal:









Other meats I like to use (look for sales):


Beef (ground, steak, rump, carne asada)


Pork (tenderloin, rump, chops) (I have found pork is the kitty favorite)


Cornish hens


Turkey (ground, necks)




Whole chickens



I have a hard time finding offal around here so my recipe typically only includes liver for the organ portion, but my recipe is balanced and I use the supplement so everyone is good. I've looked at some delivery options, but we are out of range currently, maybe one day soon we can get a delivery and add more offal to our menu.



When bringing home a new kitten or even a cat I keep on hand the tubes of the high-calorie nutrient supplement because sometimes they just get stressed and just don't want to come out of hiding much less eat. I put a little on my finger or squeeze some out the tube to lick a few times per day the first few days.



Got to have quality control

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